Thursday, May 21, 2009

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Another Day At The Races

I talked with a couple of the students and the instructor in my Data Communications class about IT employment in general. One student who's been looking for a job for eight months, said that a company offered $27,000 a year for her services. This may have been a good figure for a kid fresh out of high school, but it's an insult to someone with years of experience in their chosen professional field--any field. She had more than eight years experience in IT.

What worries me is that companies will adopt this as a standard even after the economy begins to turn around (if the economy ever turns around). Profits drive any business--the more profit the better.

Another example, mentioned by the instructor, of 'wages decreasing' is Circuit City in our area. They fired all their experienced sales staff and replaced them with rookies for half the wage.

I've never been a 'money whore,' but if wages drop and the price of housing, goods, etc. don't follow suit, what happens? To me it's obvious. Sales drop, people are laid off and the downward economic trend continues.

It's a delicate balance, isn't it?

Ahhhhhh, Blogger

I found out on w.bloggar that the reason the app doesn't work is because Blogger is moving content to the new Dano servers. They've been doing this for a week, now. Most responses to the problems on the forums were along the lines of, "At least it's free." But, the situation does not instill confidence in me to purchase a paid, Blogger Pro account. The problems have been happening for more than a month with no end in sight, and I really liked using w.bloggar to post blog comments. It's simple and efficient, two features that usually sell me on a product.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


I'm being "checked up on" again. Online stalked. Do you know I can see you? Do you? That I'm not quite that terribly stupid?

Now run along, I can assure you there's nothing here that will be of interest. Certainly not since I know you're looking for something. Simply being aware of your presence influences what comes out here; I can manipulate the information you receieve. That makes said information kind of useless to you, now doesn't it?

So piss off.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Love, Lust & Marriage

LOVE - When your eyes meet across a crowded room.
LUST- when your tongues meet across a crowded room.
MARRIAGE - When you try to lose your spouse in a crowded room.

LOVE - When intercourse is called "making love."
LUST - When intercourse is called "screwing."
MARRIAGE - When intercourse is a town in Pennsylvania. There really is one.

LOVE - When you argue over how many children to have.
LUST - When you argue over who gets the wet spot?
MARRIAGE - When you argue over whose idea it was to have kids.

LOVE - When you share everything you own.
LUST - When you steal everything they own.
MARRIAGE - When the bank owns everything.

LOVE - When it doesn't matter if you don't climax.
LUST - When the relationship is over if you don't climax.
MARRIAGE - When . . . uh . . . what's a climax?

LOVE - When you phone each other just to say, "Hi."
LUST - When you phone each other to pick a hotel room.
MARRIAGE - When you phone each other to ***** about work.

LOVE - When you write poems about your partner.
LUST - When all you write is your phone number.
MARRIAGE - When all you write is checks.

LOVE - When your only concern is for your partner's feelings.
LUST - When your only concern is to find a room with mirrors all-round.
MARRIAGE - When you're only concern is what's on T.V.

LOVE - When you are proud to be seen in public with your partner.
LUST - When you only see each other naked.
MARRIAGE - When you never see each other awake.

LOVE - When your heart flutters every time you see them.
LUST - When your groin twitches every time you see them.
MARRIAGE - When your wallet empties every time you see them.

LOVE - When all the songs on the radio describe exactly how you feel.
LUST - When the song on the radio determines how you do it.
MARRIAGE - When you listen to talk radio.

LOVE - When breaking up is something you try not to think about.
LUST - When staying together is something you try not to think about.
MARRIAGE - When just getting through the day is your only thought.

LOVE - When you're only interested in doing things with your partner.
LUST - When you're only interested in doing things TO your partner.
MARRIAGE - When you're only interested in your golf score.

LOVE - When a rainy day means more time to stay inside and talk.
LUST - When a rainy day means more time to stay inside and have sex.
MARRIAGE - When a rainy day means it's time to clean the basement.

LOVE - You only leave the house to buy coffee and doughnuts.
LUST - You only leave the house to buy condoms and Vaseline.
MARRIAGE - You only leave the house when you're allowed

Monday, March 16, 2009

now i am 18, and will be 19 soon

This year has gone pretty quickly, I was just 18 last year on dec 31 but now i am going to be 19 on the same date (last day of the year), ahh i couldn't wait like 12 more hours otherwise i would be a new year baby :(. well as the year began my time was consumed by these things its not all that but its was a pretty busy year for me.

1. half life 2
2. metalgear solid snake eater
3. halo 2
4. fullmetal alchemist
5. need for speed underground 2
6. bit torrent
7. IRC
8. Cell phone
9. computer
10. trigun